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In development and planned features

This page presents you a summary of the development progress in the yasmine ecosystem:





core library

First released on June 20, 2016

First stable release on January 20, 2017


state machine model library

Beta release April 25, 2017


state machine generator, command line tool

Beta release April 25, 2017

Enterprise Architect addin

addin that can create yasmine models directly from EA

Beta released on September 14, 2017


manages multiple state machines in a project, graphical generator front end

Beta released on September 14, 2017

test suite

yasmine's unit and integration tests

done, needs to be prepared for release


graphical state machine editor

under development


graphical state machine debugger


yasmine was originally implemented using C++11. C++03 support was introduced with the 0.6.0 release of yasmine.

C++03 support currently requires the use of Boost. In case there is sufficient demand of support for C++03 without Boost dependency, a pure C++03 variant of yasmine could be created.

Also for the future ports to the .NET platform and to Java are possible.

If you are interested in any of those ports, please let us know via yasmine@seadex.de or by positing at our forums at http://seadex.de/forums!