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yasmine's EA addin documentation

The functionality of the addin can be accessed via the context menu of the project Browser in Enterprise Architect. The 'Extensions' menu contains a 'yasmine' submenu.


These functions are also available via the drop down menu of EA (Extensions → yasmine).

The following options are available:

  • Export: Exports the selected diagrams to yasmine model files. The location (target folder) will be queried from the user. The name of each diagram will be used as the filename.

  • Export as: Exports the selected diagrams to yasmine model files. The location and the name of the export file will be queried for each diagram.

  • Help: Opens the online help page for the addin.

  • About: Opens a window with information about the addin.


To export one or more state machine diagrams:

  • Choose Export... or Export as... from the menu.

  • Select the diagrams in the tree for which you want to generate model files.

  • Press Export to model

  • Select a location for all files in the case of Export... and a location and a name for each selected diagram in the case of Export as...


Enterprise Architect (EA) versions

The yasmine EA addin was tested with the following versions of EA:

  • 13.5.1351 Unicode

  • 13.0.1309 Unicode

  • 12.1.1230 Unicode